Royal Nano HB8 mainly focus in the science of cellular structure of skin and our aim is to produce products that improve the look of your skin by working at the cellular level. Our Product is stem cell based and we are using high tech patented Plant stem cell with genuine supplier to make sure we get the same highly-potent stem cells that are active as early in life. These extracts contain peptides, amino acids, and enzymes that help to increase collagen and elastin. We encapsulate these extracted stem cell with Nano molecules and Nano Aqua to ensure its remaining active in our stem cell skin care. Nano HB8 also utilizes small Nano technology with collagen boosting benefits and retinol-like results to help smooth, repair and restore skin to its former beauty. Nano HB8 then adds specialized antioxidants together with CoQ10, Lecithin vitamins, minerals and other focused ingredients to create our creams and serums more complexes

Stem Cell Nano Technology

The smaller-than-microscopic molecules in our Nano Tech Serum allow our specialized ingredients such as Bearberry, Kalanchoe and Malaysia’ famous herbs – Ubi Jaga to be more easily absorbed into your skin, where they can help stimulate collagen and elastin production. The molecules of many other anti-aging creams are just too large. They don’t absorb into the skin effectively – they mostly just remain on the surface but our Trade Mark Royal Nano HB8 serum penetrate deep into the skin and not only creating miracle result for skin problems but to a certain extent helping our client in term of health benefit too. Royal Nano HB8 serum tested for safety and efficacy by internationally recognized testing organizations and Malaysian National Regulatory Pharmaceutical Bureau under the Ministry of Health Malaysia. We will continually doing our research for the latest possibilities in reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, discolorations and other imperfections on the face, neck, and around the eyes.